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Welcome to my design Blog! I'm a costume designer/illustrator/maker who has a passion for fantasy art and haute couture.
Here you will find info about myself and all my recent, present and some of my memorable past design projects. Have a browse and enjoy! :)
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Good morning everyone! I’m looking forward to meeting a couple of new clients this morn to discuss some custom costumes for Armageddon Expo this October! Can’t wait to tell you more, exciting times ahead - Danishes and refreshments ready! :) Xx

My Captain America-inspired custom made USO Girl Side Caps are available for order and purchase! 100% Handmade, high-quality, locally sourced materials and customisable options are available! Message me on FB with your queries! :) Xx

I created my Etsy store, ElissaHullahDesigns today for many of my unique and inspired custom creations and I’m looking forward to putting more and more things on it for all you wonderful people! The first item I’ve displayed is the custom USO Girl Side Cap inspired by the dancing girls featured in Marvel Comics’ film-adaptation of Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s hand-made using quality and locally sourced fabrics and materials and super cute!

Most of the items are available for customisation so feel free to send me a message with your enquiry! I’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more…:)


A new sci-fi work-in-progress darling to add to the collection! What do you think? :) #troubleandmuse #comingsoon

No rest for the wicked! Working on a new project with @therotbart that i hope to share with you all very soon! :) #troubleandmuse #comingsoon

I love a good work-in-progress post :) But even better to finish a drawing! It’s a luxury to have the time to finish a rendering to this state. I feel very indulgent being able to have a little time to dedicate to it, switching off from the fast-pace world of creative freelancing; but when it comes to drawing, it’s definitely a case of use it or lose. So in reality, it’s simply a case of engaging in some professional skills development (it’s just convenient that I love it too!) :)

I’m looking forward to beginning work on the toile for this beautiful costume and have been communicating with my gorgeous friends over at Nightshade Fx about commissioning them to make Maleficent’s unusual horns and teeth detail trimmings. I’m aiming to have it ready for Armageddon if all goes to plan….:)


Finished! :) An illustration for one of my next cosplay costumes: A very magnificent Maleficent! :)

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More progress on my Maleficent costume illustration! Still more colour to go :)

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Current progress on my Maleficent costume rendering- I’m so excited about creating this costume for Armageddon in October with all the beautiful detail! Stay tuned for colour! :)

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I went and saw Maleficent last night and was blown away with inspiration! The production design and costumes were superb and Angelina Jolie was perfectly cast in the role. I loved the rich colour scheme and the warmth that was brought into her costumes that left behind the stereotype of her in black and purple; The natural colours and textures with the brown and patterned animal skins, furs and feathers in many of her costumes allowed her to seem perfectly at home in the natural world; She was reinvented as a supernatural being in tune with the natural world, not simply a powerful sorceress bent of revenge. It was nice to see that style was clearly influenced by her natural surroundings and that her silhouette wasn’t too tailored, focusing more on elegance and strength.

SO! I’ve decided to do a special commission collaboration for Armageddon based on one of the costumes from the film! Which one though??? So much choice! Stay tuned for more! I’m excited :)