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Welcome to my design Blog! I'm a costume designer/illustrator/maker who has a passion for fantasy art and haute couture.
Here you will find info about myself and all my recent, present and some of my memorable past design projects. Have a browse and enjoy! :)
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Powered through some drawing today! Phew! :) time to clock off, have an awesome weekend everyone! Ex

It is strange to be attracted to a character I’ve just drawn? Haha Finished! A closeup of Tinkerbell reimagined as a male character. Can’t wait to make this costume come to life for @therotbart :)

Another work in progress: With a huge array of strong male characters in pop culture, you see many female reinterpretations of male characters in the cosplaying community but how about a change of pace? :) This one is for @therotbart who will be cosplaying in style as a genderbend version of #tinkerbell from Disney’s Peter Pan at Melbourne Armageddon in October. Fairies never looked more masculine! :)

Today is my weekly #troubleandmuse day, working away at some new designs on this new little side project. This one is a spandex onsie made with metallic stretch and sequin fabrics and the design in inspired by butterfly wings. I want!! :D

Working on a new costume design for Armageddon- this one is inspired by a certain musical creature from a beloved JM Barrie story come Disney film…and also a genderbend! :)

Look at those guns!?! I had an awesome first fitting with my clients Matt and Patrick last week! Here’s a very excited Matt trying on his cowl pre-covered :) Perfect fit!

Embroidery complete! Fit for a dressing gown of the father of The Dark Knight ;)

Fabric sample test- I’m going to be using a turquoise/teal for the embroidery…it looks really pretty at this stage of the process, all clean white working lines! :)

As of yesterday, I have officially moved into my new studio at Red Box! :D It’s a little bare atm as I wait for my new storage unit and cork board but then bam! Activate mazing creative workroom! This is also where I will ve holding future costume-making workshops so stay tuned! :) Ex

Working on a new croquis for my new collaborative adventure with @therotbart Can you tell I love what I do? ;) Xx #troubleandmuse #comingsoon